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Kim's Investment Club

Have money but not sure what to do?

Give our tool a shot because investment is tricky. We will help find the most suitable solution for you. We will offer optimal combination of profitability and liquidity for each private client. We are specialists can suggest investment product corresponding to your interests in the most degree. We realize that safety of means for the majority of our clients is more important than additional profit; that is why we do not promise super profits. Our attitude is a conservative and pragmatic one. Our major products include.

Trusting your money with us you will have:

  • A chance to increase your capital without spending your time and money learning the financial markets.
  • Your personal knowledgeable, professional manager with many years experience in managing and trading both the Kim's Group own funds and our customers' assets.
  • An opportunity of choosing the correct investment strategy according to your investment goals
  • Professional investment selection and ongoing management
  • Choice of four broadly diversified portfolios
  • 24/7 support through Kim's Group Telegram

I would describe myself as:

  • Someone who is aware of stock markets and wishes to invest for long term
  • Someone who wants to start planning for his life and goals
  • Someone who prefers Mutual Funds and SIP
  • Conservative about money and okay with lower returns
  • Young and keen to start with first investment


Kim's Group combined account facility helps you capitalize on the following investment opportunities:-


  • Equity: Companies sell a portion of ownership to the public in order to raise capital for further expansion. This portion of ownership is commonly known as shares, stocks, or equity. It is a market where buyers and sellers of stocks meet. The securities traded here can be either public stocks, which are those listed on the stock exchange, or privately traded stocks.
  • Future and Options: Future contracts are the best hedging tools and are used to limit the risk exposure faced by an investor. Whereas, options allow more flexibility as the buyer has no obligation to fulfill the contract.
  • Currency: Currency is very powerful hedging and investment tool. It’s a contract wherein two currencies can be exchanged at a future date at a specific rate.
  • Commodity: Commodity trading is a common tool used by an investor to hedge prices, take speculative positions and explore arbitrage opportunity.
  • IPOs: Opportunity to invest in quality stocks: Utilize this IPO route and take advantage of investing in quality stocks at the lowest price.


All it takes is 2 minutes for quick registration Kim's account. You will be contacted as soon as possible

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KIM'S Stockwatch is about opportunities created, more often over periods of minutes, hours and days than over weeks or months. By taking a part and joining into our team, there is possibility of earning higher returns.

However a trader has to be cautious and follow the rules to curtail losses. We ensure that our clients will never disappointed with our services. Our priority as our motto " Your Gains Is Our Priorities". [ Kim ]


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