We help you take informed financial decisions. This is what some of our customers say.

Mr. Jazman Alias

Location : Selangor

I have taken and joined Kim's Group Traders package and their advice is really outstanding and they will provide you what they have committed. You'll get awesome gained especially intraday & contra trading.

Ms. Jennifer Wong

Location : Johor Bharu

I spent RM6000 last month to attend technical class and own a software but nothing can beat Kim's Group calls. So far I gained net profit triple from my capital. The stock prices will meet Kim's TP if its within contra then it is a few days later.

Mr. Anand Krisnan

Location : Selangor

I endorse that this is the best trading group available to all Malaysian investors with in-depth analysis and charts to fine tune your trading. For those warrants savvy must give yourself a try for this excellent services.

Datin Farida Khan

Location : Kuala Lumpur

I am extremely happy to say that I am fully satisfied. The capital gain feature is very helpful from weekly Return Of Investment (ROI). Real-time assist also has given me confidence in trading through its unique core strategy. It has helped me to reduce loss.

Dato' Raymond Lim

Location : Pahang

I was a novice trader. Lost a lot of time and money trading in the market for last so many years, depending upon various news and tips. Until I met Kim personally and joined his Club. It was an eye opener for me, that trading in the market is purely based on his Rules, Techniques & Principal. It has given me a new perspective on trading in the market and made life simpler.

Ms. Salina

Location : Kuala Lumpur

If you do not have any knowledge about trading and looking for a help to find a base and start, Kim's Group is one of the best group to guide you. Kim is a great Instructor who is very patient and responsive. After a 7 day session, Share market is no longer rocket science to me but a platform to make some money.

Mr. Robert Lee

Location : Penang

I am extremely happy to say that I am fully satisfied. The ROI weekly and monthly more than enough for my expenses. His services are excellent and I strongly recommend friends to take a seat on his investement strategy.

Mrs. Haleeda

Location : Melaka

Your professionals are friendly, highly efficient, responsive, dedicated , hard working and carries himself very professionally. They are very approachable, modest and knowledgeable.

Dato' Tengku Rashid

Location : Kuala Lumpur

I have a many different investments throughout the Malaysia and Kim's rank among the absolute best. Kim and his team are very knowledgeable in their field, professional and only look for the opportunities that promise good returns.

Datin Erina

Location : Selangor

I am a cautious investor with a number of multifamily real estate investments in my portfolio. I have participated in numerous investment opportunities offered by Kim and his team at KIC over the past few years. The ROI in all cases has been very positive with returns exceeding the initial business plans.

Mr. David Lim

Location : Brunei

Simple, reliable, scalable, and consistent. That’s what I look for in passive investments and Kim's continues to deliver. Kim and his team do the heavy lifting, generating competitive returns for investors in the form of both cash and peace of mind.

Ms. Lily Sarlene

Location : Singapore

I recieved my investment fund update this morning and its amazing! You guys are doing a great job! I'm kicking myself for not putting more into this deal. I won't make the same mistake next time! Please keep me in mind for future opportunities. I had love to invest more with Kim's!

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KIM'S Stockwatch is about opportunities created, more often over periods of minutes, hours and days than over weeks or months. By taking a part and joining into our team, there is possibility of earning higher returns.

However a trader has to be cautious and follow the rules to curtail losses. We ensure that our clients will never disappointed with our services. Our priority as our motto " Your Gains Is Our Priorities". [ Kim ]


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