KPT is specially designed for members who are looking double profits and willing take a risks. This package designated and it follows a dual investment approach, which combines the benefits of trading Bursa (KLSE) and also benefits from trading in Futures American Markets and Futures Asian Markets. The strategy involves going long (buying) or going short (selling without holding) on American or Asian Markets futures by predicting the market direction based on a back-tested automated model.

Technical analysis based products include investing by trading in Derivatives (Futures and Options) based on proprietary trading tools, automated or otherwise, or a combination of both or any model sub-portfolios. Our key elements of technical research:

  • Studies historical data of price, volume, open interest and volatility to gauge the underlying trend
  • Determines the probability of the sustaining trend
  • Determines entry and exit points based on such analysis
  • Helps making decisions by forecasting the price objectives and risk/reward ratio of the approach

What do you get from Kim's Prime Trades?

  • PROFIT / INCOME – Monthly.
    Fast payment transfer monthly.
    100% Awesome profitable.
    Profits gaurantee.
    Moneyback gaurantee.
    All losess covered by Kim's Group (if any) upon expiry of agreement.
    Keen to help and growth financial status.
  • MARKET OUTLOOK – Will get advise accordingly on the currently market situation.
  • REPORTS – Monthly trading report @

    Complete Transparency - It offers a transparent fee structure devoid of any hidden charges.

    Disciplined Approach - It follows a disciplined approach which helps in minimizing the risk associated with equity markets.

    Active Monitoring - The investments are monitored actively to maximize the returns.

  • PORTFOLIOS – Portfolio Management services. Advise on your current portfolios.

    This product follows a dual trading approach. It includes two distinct benchmark Index which are KLSE and Indices Futures (American & Asian Markets)

    • Fund Type:Kim's Prime Trades
    • Benchmark Index:KLSE Stocks, American Markets Futures (DJIA, NASDAQ, S&P 500) & Asian Markets Futures ( Hang Seng, NIKKEI 225, CHINA A50)
    • Return/Profit:Monthly
    • Contract: (1) years

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KIM'S Stockwatch is about opportunities created, more often over periods of minutes, hours and days than over weeks or months. By taking a part and joining into our team, there is possibility of earning higher returns.

However a trader has to be cautious and follow the rules to curtail losses. We ensure that our clients will never disappointed with our services. Our priority as our motto " Your Gains Is Our Priorities". [ Kim ]


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